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We have distributors all over the world. Please contact us stating where you are located and we will get back to you with your local dealer's information.

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About us

  • Blade Media is a leading provider of set top boxes for the digital entertainment markets. With years of expertise developing and delivering digital receivers, we deliver major benefits for OEM clients and customers, including greater capabilities with each new product generation, reduced costs, and shorter time to market.


  • Blade Media designed set-top boxes have received recognition for excellence and are now in thousands of homes worldwide. Our headquarters are in Turkey, with additional operations in Europe, UAE and the Far East.


  • Market Leaders

  • With a blend of cutting edge design, award winning User Interface solutions and state-of-the-art technology Blade Media's aim is to offer its clients and customers the ultimate televisual experience.


  • With a range of sleek and sophisticated designs that guarantee class-leading performance, we set the benchmark for reliability and design.



Platform Design

  • All Blade Media products are based on a modular platform design, where each platform contains a super-set of the functionality incorporated in to an entire product range.

  • Using a platform-based approach increases flexibility and ensures latest technologies and new standards can be integrated into products as they're developed In addition, the platform design dramatically reduces time to market and lowers production costs therefore giving our clients a competitive advantage.



  • Design for Manufacture

  • Every product is designed for inexpensive mass production, and is manufactured using the maximum number of common parts.


  • We use aggressive inventory control practices, dramatically lowering capital carrying costs and reducing time to market.


Depending on requirements, Blade Media can provide off-the-shelf, client branded solutions, or volume quantities of customer concept products.

Our engineering teams can help smooth and reduce the development process by providing either part or complete customisation from chassis to software.

Our support teams can supply finished solutions, from branded packaging to customised user guide inserts.


Manufacturing an Advantage


To compete effectively in the white label market, Blade Media has developed innovative design and manufacturing techniques.Contact us for more information.


Email : info@blademedia.tv